Digital Marketing and more about Chris Maloney and how I can help you achieve the fantastic result you have been working so hard for. Website Design, Digital Marketing, Advertising Design. Working together we can make this work, for you.

Digital Marketing and much more about Chris Maloney and how I can help you achieve the fantastic result you have been working so hard for. Website Design, Digital Marketing, Advertising Design. Working together we can make this work, for you.

Our sister company that is owned and operated by Chris Maloney is Mida Media. Check it out here for have the support of his team working for you. However, for the soul use of Chris then stay turned right here.

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Digital Marketing

SEO, search engine optimising and digital marketing by Chris Maloney is effective, efficient and powerful. Delivering a great return on investment (RTI) and growing the brand more than ever previously thought. Digital Marketing has to tell the right story by delivering the right message to your potential customers. I will work closely with you ensuring you that our digital marketing campaigns work perfectly.

I cover all areas of digital marketing, including print design, website design and development right to SEO and copywriting. If you are in need of growing your business without the risk and want guaranteed results then contact Chris Maloney today. In order to maximise getting found online please click here.

It is absolutely crucial to make sure that the coding of your site is perfect. Maximising the SEO (search engine optimisation) of your website makes the difference between you getting the business or your competitors. Contact Chris Maloney today to access your current websites performance or discuss I total rebuild of the site.


Chris Maloney Digital Design was founded following years working in the marketing industry, and previously running a large agency. My goal is to help businesses grow and brands evolve with a strategy-first approach to digital. This means taking a different approach to marketing that most agencies follow like lost little sheep. 

Results are what keeps the economy going and businesses, of all sizes going. It is my responsibility to ensure that you and your business are elevated to positively promote continued growth.

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Professional, Creative, Driven – experienced digital marketer.

I have worked in Digital marketing for many years now, learning what does work & what doesn’t! This experience of perfecting techniques of effective marketing, in order to minimise cost and maximise RTI is what makes my services a great investment.

The benefit of my services are simple, I have owned a successful marketing agency previously. Managing multiple marketing campaigns for companies of all sizes, to ensure objectives set by our fantastic clients were achieved.

In addition to running a marketing agency I have also operated a number of businesses, allowing me to perfect the art of marketing across many industries. This experience has been priceless, giving me great insight into the difference in marketing needed to ensure a successful and strong business platform.


I decided to make the move to run my own exclusive agency, working closely with a selected client base nearly two years ago. The ensures that there is a much more defined level of communication between us, resulting in a personal level of service. The increased level of communication and totally personalised services optimises results immensely.

From a dedicated and highly equipped office based in Chesterfield I manage all aspects of creative design, hosting, optimisation and marketing. As there are no expensive overheads, office parties and fancy cars in the car park this allows me to deliver professional agency services at a much lower cost to the client.

I deliver an exceptional level of service and quality, giving honest advice to ensure the success of any campaign. Running a private agency brings so many rewards, personally seeing a campaign through start to finish. However, it also means that any failures fall solely on my desk. Luckily, my experience and drive to treat your business as if it was my own means that this is something I have not experienced, nor do I intend on allowing it to happen.


A Google AdWords and Analytics qualified individual. In addition to this I am also a social media qualified professional, with deep rooted experience in a range of development methods. Over the years I have used, tried and experienced many different marketing methods. Times change, technology develops and marketing evolves… this is why it is paramount that I continually develop my own skills. Dedicating time each week to research changes within the industry ensures I can continually develop your brand.

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