Services Chris Maloney and how I can help you achieve the fantastic result you have been working so hard for. Website Design, Digital Marketing, Advertising Design. Working together we can make this work, for you.

Services Chris Maloney and how I can help you achieve the fantastic result you have been working so hard for. Website Design, Digital Marketing, Advertising Design. Working together we can make this work, for you.

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Achieving your goals and ensuring that you maximise each and every opportunity is what I do. By accessing where you place amongst your competition and formulating a plan that will guarantee to move you ever further to the top of the field. Sometimes these changes or small and relatively simple, sometimes it can mean totally reinventing the wheel. However, I will leave no stone unturned to maximise your ROI and ensure that you achieve exactly what we discuss. It is crucial that we have a totally open door policy and by being transparent we both know where we stand, and I can truly ensure the success of a working partnership. A selection of many services that guarantee the journey to success is only a grasp away.

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Unique businesses require unique services
There are many services I offer to ensure your success

A range of Professional Services, in which I have tried, tested and perfected over years of marketing. It is quiet simple, no matter how niche your market, if your competitors have even a slightly more proactive marketing system… then they will have a higher revenue and higher profits!

How does this make you feel? Missing out on those clients that simply didn’t see you in the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Page) or didn’t see your high impact marketing on social media? Well, it is your turn to get seen and increase your market share, today!

Information regarding services offered:

Branding is an absolute crucial part to growing a business. For example, think of all the top companies in the world I can guarantee you instantly picture their logo. Well, how do you want to be known and remembered. What does your branding say about you?

Frustratingly I see it every day where small businesses are holding themselves back with no or really poor branding. However, I totally understand that they do not specialise in marketing, similar to me not specialising in their services/trade.

The cost of Professional Branding to help really grow a brand is much less than people expect. However, one of the most valuable investments you could ever make. I can pretty much guarantee that your biggest competitors have much better branding, and I bet you can remember it?

Contact me today to discuss growing your brand to ensure you get seen and remembered. To get in touch click here.

Cloud Services are a great way of backing up and sharing documents with staff and clients. But with so many to chose from and costs varying drastically, where do you start?

Well, while I offer Professional Cloud Services from as little as £5p/m I totally understand that most of us like the control of managing our own cloud services. Therefore 9/10 clients I actually recommend external companies that purely specialise in such services. This means my advise it totally independent, and I can certainly help explain things in a much simpler manner.

By having a short consultation I will quickly identify what companies and systems you require. This means an unbiased recommendation with no ongoing financial gain to myself.

If you are wanting to venture into the inevitable world of cloud services then get in touch. To contact me click here.

Consultancy is incredibly useful for helping to fine tune your marketing, and run a fresh set of experienced eyes over your current marketing.

I speak with many companies every month that invest varying amounts of money into marketing, as they should, however some do this much more efficiently than others.

The value of gaining an honest outside opinion into your current marketing can drastically change potential response. In the early days when I first moved into business I would every quarter contract in a marketing expert to cast their eyes over what we were doing and make any suggestions. I found this information priceless at times, seeing drastic increases in site traffic or telephone enquiries. Plus, it was great to gain other ideas and continue to add them to my bank of knowledge and experience.

Years later I have now tried and tested many angles and plans of attack for marketing, therefore gaining my educated and experienced opinion might just be the shake up you need.

To contact me and arrange a marketing MOT to reboot your marketing click here.

Domain Services can be anything from knowing where and how to register a new domain, right to managing DNS Settings correctly.

It is clear that many people still believe that a domain name that exactly states who you are, regardless of how long, is the most important element to get found online! Wrong!
The domain name is purely the address where they can find you online. Which is why it is better to think more ‘postcode’ than ‘address’. Search engines (Google, Bing etc) actually use the content, structure and security of your site to access how and where they rank you.

Also, imagine how frustrating it is for people to sit and quickly type an email to you when you have the longest domain name in the world (eg:, it just isn’t a pleasure at all. It might even cost you some enquiries each week.

When abbreviations perform exactly the same in search engines and can provide a much catchy and efficient way for people to get in touch with you (eg:

I can either guide you through the registration service or provide you with a professional domain. Starting from just £6 they can really help create a brand for you. Then with the right hosting package, specifically suited to your need and scalable for future growth can really get the wheels of your business rolling.

For assistance or to register a domain click here to contact me today.

eMarketing has been increasingly the way to minimise marketing expense, with maximum impact. Specifically targeted to the exact audience applicable for your product or services and fully measurable.

Historically it has been very difficult or impossible to know for sure how your marketing spend has worked for you, and what return you have made from it. Fortunately digital marketing enables us to understand exactly what works best for us. Email Marketing is one of the most cost effective and efficient forms and advertising.

However, simply putting together a few words in Outlook and clicking send just does not cut it. Therefore having a professionally designed marketing campaign using the best systems available to give live and accurate feedback is critical.

I will either advise where and how best to do this, enabling you to self manage your own powerful email marketing campaigns. Alternatively I will design and manage your email marketing campaign for you.

Designing attractive and powerful marketing that drops straight in front of those people you genuinely want to reach. I am able to do this as often as required, and knowing the best times of day to do this I will ensure you receive the absolute maximum results from this.

Speak with me today to see how I can really help you reach those clients currently spending their money elsewhere. Simply click here to contact me and lets start turning those browsers into buyers.

Google Services with a qualified and experienced Google Certified Professional are an absolute must in today’s digital world.

Getting found online above your competition is not a game of chance, it is very much a fine science. With so many tools and contributing aspects to ensure you get maximum online exposure it is daunting.

I can guarantee that the most successful companies in your industry either contact a Google Certified Professional, or employ one. I invest a significant amount of my not so spare time into ensuring I stay ahead of my game and fully educated in the world of digital marketing and maximising your positioning in search engines.

There are many companies out there trying to sell you ‘Top Place in Google’! Well, I will tell you for free that this is impossible! Google, nor any other search engine sell top places in their search engines. Even if you purchase services such as Google AdWords, this does not guarantee top position. It is down to a huge number of contributing aspects that lift you in the search engines.

So rather than wasting time or money trying to get to the top of search engines, contact me. I will access every single aspect of your digital footprint and fine tune it. It is unbelievable how much money businesses waste of services such as AdWords, without thoroughly checking how they are registered online, if at all.

If you know absolutely everything out even one of these aspects then maybe you don’t need me, however if the below things mean very little to you then you do need me:

– Full site map
– Google Search Console
– Google Quality Score
– Keywords
– META Descriptions
– Alt Text

To contact me simply click here and let’s start getting you ahead of the crowd and in front of the people you actually want to do business with.

Hosting is a hugely competitive world full of complicated jargon and abbreviations, that to many means nothing.

However, selecting the right hosting package running the best and most secure systems is one of the most important aspect of beginning your digital adventure. The speed and traffic of your site or solely restricted by your hosting, and the package you are using.

I have tried and experienced many hosting companies and systems over the years, and to be honest I use a few different ones. This enables me to select the absolute best option for what ever task/site/campaign I am running. But, after years of doing this the jargon is like A,B,C… I just know it.

If you are experience issues with your hosting or things seem to be running a little slow it isn’t the end of the world. You can move and change things quite easily.

I do manage my own hosting packages and charge as little as £5p/m (free for website clients), but I also offer consultation and proactively assist with any hosting decisions you need to make.

Providing honest and impartial recommendations and advice to which packages and systems are best suited to you, and your future growth plans. For example a site running on a Cloud 1gb HDD system with a bandwidth of 500mb and a 400mb site might find massively slow periods for their site and not understand why.

Would you?

Following a full consultation and assessment I will correctly recommend the most suitable hosting package available on the market right now.

Contact me today to see how I can assist in ensuring you are not restricting your site from performing well, and trying to manage a digital disaster.  Click here to get in touch today with me.

Lead Generation is a reasonably new terminology to many people, and yet another meaningless title in a digital world of acronyms.

However, Lead Generation is unbelievably effective and truly can generate a vast number of qualified leads. This is incredibly useful if your product or services requires any form of interaction to generate business.

For example, your business sells windows and doors, a hugely competitive business. A potential customer does what so many of use do and goes straight to a search engine. They select maybe three of four companies to contact for quotations and then make a decision based on that. Well, what if you were the actual company they contacted each time?

Alternatively, having a strong social media campaign that enables potential customers to quickly enter their details to show interest. It is important that this process catches their attention in the first place, then once engaged gaining simple information. The process has to be slick and effective. Know how to do this?

Not every method is suited to every business, however having worked with many clients in different industries I can tell you straight away what will work. Because, like you, if I recommend something to you and it does not gain the desired results would you recommend me? No!

It is equally important for me that any recommendations I make are effective and give you a great RTI (return on investment).

Get in touch today to see how I can help you further and really get that money coming in. To contact me simply click here and feel free to call or use the contact form, it really does work and I will get back to you.

Print Design is still an important part of marketing, even in this digital decade. Expanding your company, products and services through the means of printed media can be a bit of a nightmare.

There are so many companies solely reliant of printed advertising, with millions of leaflets posted through doors each day. It feels like they only use my door some days, but guess what… I saw them and know who they are and where they are!

It might be that you need a brochure designing for a product or service you offer, to potential customers that have already walked through your door. It also might be ensuring your business card makes the impact it needs to, rather than impacting to bottom of a bin.

I have working in marketing and business for long enough to know how to design any form of printed mechanise or document to ensure it works.

If you are in need of Printed Designs or simply just some consultation to advise you and your team and to maximise the impact it makes then get in touch. To do so simply click here and feel free to either call me or complete the contact form and I will gladly see how I can best help you.

Professional email address are an absolute necessity for any business, regardless of size and trading time.

It might be because I work within the digital domain that I find it heart breaking to see a seemingly professional business using a free email account! It literally blows my mind to see that!

The cost and ease of having a professional email (eg: makes it one of the first things you should ever do. Even before heading to companies house to register your business. But, I totally understand that many people either do not see this or have a clue where to start.

I speak with dozens of smaller companies each month that are wanting to appeal to larger more corporate companies for increased and guaranteed work, but then are using a .hotmail or .gmail account. The image that this silently projects speaks volumes and the perception will mostly be that you might be too small to handle their requirements. I have seen this, alot.

If you already have a website it might be that you are already paying for professional email accounts, but never had it explained. It might be that you don’t have a website for what ever reason and don’t think you can have these email accounts.

I will assist and advise you exactly how to set up and run your professional email accounts to ensure that this never effects you. Appear bigger and better than you are, gain those contracts and really start to relax knowing that the business is moving forward.

To get in touch with me today regarding how I can help you with this click here and either call me or complete the contact form.

SEO – equally, if not more important than the site you have or want!

Search Engine Optimisation is the term know for maximising each and every element of your digital footprint to ensure that you maximise your position in the SERP (search engine results page). This is where you fall into a great list along with all your competition, and just like you do, if you not near the top it won’t be clicked.

It is crucial that every available tool available is used to optimise every aspect of your site, social media, directory sites and anywhere else you might be. The internet is truly a web, with each link seamlessly connecting back to you. Any broken link among with way means you miss your catch and the next optimised web will catch them.

If I have built your site rest assured everything has been done to ensure this, at time of publish, was perfect. However, there are many website developers that purely make a pretty site and leave it at that. There is so much more to building an effective website that simply how it looks.

Particularly if you are investing in any form of advertising such as Google AdWords. If you have a poorly built site, regardless of how it looks, your CPC (Cost Per Click) will be much higher than it needs to be.

Companies such as Google use a number of aspects to calculate service costs. Google scan your site and based on a huge number of aspects calculate a Quality Score. This then directly effects your CPC, without effecting your positioning. Meaning, someone ranking above you could be paying much less for the privilege.

Contact me here today to access your online presence and see how we can really maximise you online.

Social Media Marketing has become and part of every day world. With BILLIONS of daily users world wide it is a great and inevitable platform to use.

However, knowing how to do it efficiently certainly is not something know by everyone. Due to the vast amount of companies using social media to advertise and people habitually just flicking down their news feed you really need to stand out.

The right punchline and complimenting image and just part of the ingredients to bake the right social cake!

I have managed 100’s of effective social media campaigns drawing in results from all over the world. It is fully understanding your target market and how to specifically hit them with exactly what is needed to ensure its success.

Regardless of your budget it is crucial to maximise the exact response desired. This could be increasing brand awareness to selling the stock that is collecting dust in the warehouse. If not done correctly you will simply be throwing money at 1,000’s of screen flickers!

Contact me here today to discuss potential and effective campaigns that truly work.

Staff Training is a fantastic way of really investing in your business. But, with time and money constraints investing in team development isn’t always high on the agenda.

However, having trained and guided many people of the years I would like to think that I am particularly efficient at this. It can be an absolute asset to have a competent marketer on your pay role.

I can develop and deliver bespoke training to groups of up to 6 candidates. This enables you to really maximise the efficiency of you team and allow them to gain a new string to their bow.

Either focusing specifically on a single area of marketing, or really gain a great comprehensive knowledge into marketing. Following an initial conversation and potentially an assessment I will then create bespoke training tailored to exactly what is needed. This ensures maximise efficiency and value for money.

Speak with me today to see how I can best help you develop your team allowing them to be confident and independent marketers. This clearly can have huge RTI benefits by having competent staff that can manage all your marketing requirements. Saving you money on external professionals like myself.

To contact me click here and feel free to either give me a call and I will gladly see how I can best help you.

Video Marketing is quickly becoming more and more popular with people been connected to the internet 24/7 with laptops and smart phones.

It engages and delivers a much bigger impression than a few catchy words. Also, for those slightly more… lazy… viewers that simply do not want to sit and read long adverts. Videos can engage and really demonstrate exactly what it is that you have to offer.

Well, I offer professional videography capturing and editing high impact brand videos that are sure to make you stand out.

Research shows that you are 66% more likely to be found online and contacted than those without. This is due to a number of contributing aspects, but mainly how search engines like Google map your entire online footprint. It gives a much more elevated positioning while selling your products/services better than words ever could.

To speak with me about building you an effective video marketing campaign click here and give me a call. Alternatively complete the contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Website Design is my absolute passion, as I truly believe this has to be the absolute best you can afford. An effective website is the hub of all your other marketing.

If designed well it will proactively catch traffic online, however when a great website is promoted with all other forms of marketing it really can sell you over the competition. Generating traffic and user reports to enable you to continually fine tune all of your marketing. This really allows you to generate the exact amount of traffic you need and want, while minimising costs to do so.

I have worked in website development for around 15 years and besides enjoying it, I would like to think I am very good at it. The role has enabled me to meet people from many different industries with totally individual requirements.

All websites I design and develop included in the price are:

– Fully Responsive Site (fit any device)
– Fully SEO’d
– Google Search Console Setup
– Search Engine Registration
– Monthly Performance Reports
– Daily Software Updates
– Full Security Protection

It is important to remember that while I offer FULL agency services I do not charge agency prices. I do not have a large team to fund, or fancy offices full of fancy coffee machines or a car park full of flash cars. I deliver great  performing websites without the huge price tag.

Speak with me today to discuss your requirements and really enable me to build something special for you. This is my absolute passion and I take a great deal of pride in web development, just like an artist would do.

To contact me please click here and feel free to either call me or complete the contact form and I will get back to you shortly.